Karmakanic Manual N°2 'Trigger Happy'

We are all born with extrasensory perception. How do you express your psychic abilities?
A collection of life tools in the form of self suggestions and meditations to inspire a calm intuitive psychic mind.

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Manual N°1: Foundation Oracle. Cultivate mindfulness. Free

The foundation of transformation is to know thyself. Meditate on the Numerology, Astrology, Ayurvedic and Blood group readings that make up your character profile of tendencies. From each of the 8 meditations a relevant suggestion is extracted that goes to make your Karmakanic Mantra. Record your voice speaking the mantra and program a call schedule, up to 7 times a day, to listen back to your mantra.

‘Repetition is the key to learning.’

Consult the Oracle ‘Book of Changes’ with your moral life questions. Use the ‘Meridian Diagnosis’ to discover emotional and physical paths to greater health. Profile your friends tendencies.

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Manual 2. Trigger Happy