Self suggest to be the change you wish,
using meditation, self hypnosis and psychic skills

The foundation of self care is to know the power of your words.

Attract a life you aspire to, with the unobtrusive repetition tool and personalized content made by you for you. Develop strategies to manage anxiety and destabilizing thoughts so that feeling confident, powerful and relaxed is your normal state of mind.

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We are all born with extrasensory perception. How do you express your psychic abilities?
A collection of life tools in the form of self suggestions and meditations to inspire a calm intuitive psychic mind.

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Start today suggesting a new way of thinking in regards to a habit, sports performance, good mental health or mindfulness. Karmakanic free manual allows you to make your own scripts and mantras and feed them back on yourself with the use of your phone.

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Benefits of Karmakanic

Suggest a life free of anxieties and unsupportive habits.

Trigger extrasensory perception at will, cultivating focused awareness

Develop your psychic ability and learn to trust your intuition.

Easy step by step multi day personalised, customizable mindfulness training,
to self program a new mindset.

Reviews & Quotes

Make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature...
...create a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.'
Joseph Campbell.

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Trigger Happy Manual II

Repetition seeds new ways of being. Karmakanic ‘Trigger Happy’ is an advanced course in mindfulness and self suggestion to make seeds of possibility take root and flower.

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With self belief and your extrasensory perception activated, you will be on a new plane of life where all the little things in life that used to perplex you, can vanish.

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Manual II

Sliding scale: £40-£80