Trigger Happy
A manual to cultivate a state of focused awareness
Sliding scale £40 -£80

To say a suggestion is one thing, to hear it and take root another.

Trigger Happy manual induces a heightened state of awareness and self belief to best process and be aware of your thoughts.

The manual guides you to create highly specific, effective meditations and suggestions to achieve your goals, with the use of repetition.

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Self hypnosis and meditation have two facets to master.

The focus and the goal, or another way to say it, induction and suggestion.

With intuition, focus and clarity whatever life throws at you can be received with a calm, detached perspective.

An emotional rescue remedy from anxiety and pressure

Features of Trigger Happy

Self suggest new ways of being, with the help of Karmakanic.

Every day in every way, feeling more confident, powerful and deeply relaxed

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can start today

Trigger Happy Manual II

sliding payment scale £40 - £80